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LFTS900 Sewage Lift Station

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LIFTS900 Sewage Lift Station

1.Product overview

Our LIFTS900 Sewage Lift Station is specially designed for large villas, markets,Airports and subway stations,to combine collecting,storing and lifting as an integral. it collects the liquid from toilet,shower bath, hand basin, washing machine, and delivers it to the main sewage system.

LIFTS900 is mainly equipped with three tank of 300L,multiple water inlets, double pumps,automatic coupling device and a ball type check valve.The LIFTS,with compact structure, can be set in small space, and produces little noise.

LIFTS900 has grinder pump of independent cutting device,it can cut up long fiber impurities and then pump them to the main sewage system.To ensure the system running safely,we can also dispose an exclusive ECP intelligent controller to the LIFTS900.The ECP intelligent controller has BA remote alarm relay and an optional R485 communication interface.An auxiliary pump,to deliver stagnant water outside to the tank,is optional.

LIFTS900 reaches the protective level of IP68 and can be set on places that may be submerged.But the ECP smart controller must be used under good air conditions that never get submerged.






+Subway Station,Airports

The modularized structures of tank makes it possible to provide our customers with large sized LIFTS,like LIFTS900,LIFTS1500 etc.which can be applied in big room.the double-pump system also improves the stability of system.

3.Distinguished features

•Wide usage

•Anti-corrosive and durable PE tank

•Modularized design and convenient installation

•Perfect sealing and without peculiar smell

•Multiple water inlets for easy connection

•Coupling device for convenient maintenance

•The inner ball type check valve

•Patented grinder pump

•Intelligent controller and sound-light alarm

•Remote BA failure alarm system

•Remote communications interface (RS485 optional)

4.Basic parameters

 Max Flow: 


 Max head:   


 Cabinet Volume: 


 Cabinet Material:   

 PE material

 Pump Installation:  


 Pump type: 


 Control mode:

 a single run/pump with a prepared,alternate use,double-purpose

 Max medium temperature:

   ≤40℃,no more than 60℃short time

 Rated power supply :


 Water inlet:  

 DN100×6, DN50×3

 Water outlet: 

 DN50(∅63mm),1.25Mpa PVC pipe/DN50 galvanized steel pipe×2

 Air vent:   


 Rated power:
















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